International training

Global coordination with local understanding

Successful companies understand the need for their people to perform at their highest levels and to do so, they need to have best practice, repeatable and sustainable training methodologies and processes in place and these must be available on a global basis.
This demand for global training solutions in order to help companies compete in an ever competitive world can in itself create issues. Two key ones include;

1) How do you deliver local and tailored training solutions to each individual country whilst ensuring these best practice solutions are not diluted and are facilitated at the highest level?

2) How do you manage and streamline a global initiative from one centralised point of contact in order to save time and money yet still ensure people feel that they are dealing with someone who understands their local issues and culture?

TACK soulutions

At TACK we acknowledge and respect that there are both local and cultural differences in each and every country and that by understanding these differences in terms of the markets, the customers, the people and the environment we can greatly increase the positive impact of our training and development initiatives.

Our approach is to consult with our customers to understand their business, their objectives, their strategies and their culture with a view to creating bespoke training and development initiatives to meet their total needs for today, tomorrow and the future.

These initiatives can then be delivered in over 50 countries in 26 different languages by our team of country based professional trainers. Our trainers understand the local habits, rules and cultural issues and that your peoples’ success depends on how they can adapt new knowledge into local actions. This is something that can rarely be trained by people operating outside of their own country.

And all of this can be managed by one central point. A dedicated team committed to the highest levels of customer service and ensuring the successful management of a global training and development initiative.

TACK’s global network coverage and expertise will enable you to;

  • Benchmark your people before, during and after their training so that you can see a measurable improvement in their behavior and results
  • Tailor, bespoke and adapt the training solution to the local culture and market conditions to ensure maximum understanding and usage of the materials and tools
  • Ensure that new training initiatives are implemented swiftly to give a quicker return on investment
  • Have a simple overview of you international training programs to enable you to keep track on what is happening and where it is taking place at any given time
  • Maximise your results utilising less of your training budget and time as you centralise the process, reduce the number of training providers and spend less time coordinating the training initiatives

In global world it’s reassuring to know you have a local contact - call us today and let us hear about your needs.

The You-We-I model that you see on the right, is the cornerstone of TACK International. Our main focus is You, and our primary goal is to get to know You and Your company, so We can develop and help you implement the best solution to achieve Your goals and aspirations.
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