Soulful Leadership

Soulful leadership is about the here and now, it’s about opening your mind, your body and your heart to create a more successful YOU.

It will challenge you as a person, as a leader to be strong yet empathetic, wise and purposeful in your journey to success.

Join us for a dynamic half-day workshop learning how soulful leadership can dramatically increase your success both in your personal and your business life!

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The workshop is for modern leaders who aim for deeper self-knowledge, better personal balance and more passion in the job as a leader.

Dit udbytte

The workshop will inspire you to combine soulful leadership with emotional intelligence, which will make you able to:

  • Understand how success together with an abundance mentality are inextricably linked together
  • Understand how the body reacts and interacts when accessing the different archetypes
  • Have the opportunity to reflect and become more effective
  • Find and follow your passion!
  • Bring out the warrior within you!

Virksomhedens udbytte

The company will get a leader who:

  • Is more passionate, balanced and effective
  • Will be able to create a vision and a purpose for you and your company


This insightful workshop will be a mix of instructor presentation together with both individual and group tasks including a board game! During the workshop participants will have the opportunity to learn about emotional intelligence and the need to control emotions. In addition, they will learn how to move effortlessly between the four different leadership archetypes for improved performance whilst retaining a balanced approach. There will also be time for discussion and reflection.


The course will be conducted in English and is held in half a day. The course will take place in the following period:

Day 1: 9.00 AM - 12.30 PM

From 12.30 PM to about 1.00 PM there will be a served lunch.

All prices are exclusive taxes.


The four archetypes that are needed for effective leadership in 2016 and beyond!
Links between body, heart, mind and soul and their matching intelligences
Self-awareness, self-restraint, empathy, self-esteem and social skills
Mindfulness as a leadership tools
Develop your network of likeminded professionals

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