Change Management

Your ability to lead change and complete various processes in your change project will be strengthened.

You will increase your capability to successfully lead projects of change.

The course is based on management and psychology related elements in processes of change.

Throughout the entire course participants will have the opportunity to work with different tools for management of change in relation to their own project of change.

For whom is the course for?

All managers and project managers responsible for implementing a small or large change process in a department or company.

The participants typically have several years of leadership and project experience and now want new approaches for tackling processes of change.


  • Introduction to change management
  • Psychological resistance
  • The art of creating motivation
  • Communication and dissemination
  • The innovative process
  • The process of change
  • Pitfalls in the process
  • Development stages
  • Conflict management
  • Plan for self-development

Personal outcome

The course will be an interesting mix of discussions, exchange of experiences, instructor presentations, group work and concrete cases.

During the course participants will work on their own management challenges and have the potential of finding new possibilities for solutions.

Each participant brings their own case study, which is used throughout the course, and participants will be asked to devise concrete action plans as a conclusion to the course.

About TACK

TACK has for more than 40 years offered courses, training and lectures on the Danish market. The company was created in England in 1948 by the brothers Tack, who had great success with their promotional staff training on their own ventilation plant.

Tacks philosophy which is that the people who are helping to create a company also simultaneously is the company's most important resource. We help people to personal success and prosperity, and thus ensures that both they and the company overall acheve the desired goals.

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