Presentation skills

All individuals occasionally having to present ideas, projects or products/services to an audience.

The course is aimed at experienced and inexperienced presenters, and the acquired techniques can be used for both large and small audiences.

For whom is the course for?

Typical participants are salespersons, sales executives, secretaries, purchasing managers, product managers, managers, consultants and all others with a desire to strengthen their personal impact, when talking to a large or small audience.

As a participant you will be active throughout the course. Apart from short presentations from the instructor, participants will be 'on' all the time - either as the one presenting or as an actively listening observer giving subsequent feedback.


  • Preparation of a presentation
  • Specifying goal and target group
  • Creativity - how to integrate it in your presentation
  • How to motivate your audience
  • Outline - how to present logically and naturally
  • Efficient use of visual tools
  • Handling interruptions, questions and objections - without loosing the thread
  • Body language and eye contact
  • Your voice and tone of voice
  • Human relations and contact to your audience
  • Personal action plan

Personal outcome

You will be able to improve, structure and present a subject or case with conviction and make the audience listen to your message.

You will see how your personal impact improves and you will become more self confident in front of a group.

You will get sound, practical tools and methods, which can be used immediately.

All exercises are recorded on DVD. Participants will receive personal feedback on strengths/weaknesses and sound advice for continued personal development.

About TACK

TACK has for more than 40 years offered courses, training and lectures on the Danish market. The company was created in England in 1948 by the brothers Tack, who had great success with their promotional staff training on their own ventilation plant.

Tacks philosophy which is that the people who are helping to create a company also simultaneously is the company's most important resource. We help people to personal success and prosperity, and thus ensures that both they and the company overall acheve the desired goals.

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