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Increased globalisation brings a range of benefits and challenges to organisations, one of which is that with the English language being the common language used in the business world, everyone now needs to not only develop their skill sets to meet the challenges but also to be proficient and feel confident when speaking English.

As the leading global skills training provider we at TACK are ready to meet these demands by offering a wide range of our most popular training programmes, all taught in English.

We will be offering courses in three main categories:

Sales, Management and Leadership and Personal Development

because we know from experience, that optimising your performance in these three areas of business, is essential for the success of your company.

Here you’ll find the list of our new English-taught courses

Click on the titles to gain access for more information and to sign up

Whether you are seeking to improve your Presentation skills or your expertise in Change Management or Effective Time Planning, our new range of training programs will be able to meet your demands.

This means that you no longer have to travel abroad to find a course delivered in English.

You can attend one of our highly interactive, inspiring and professionally delivered courses right here in Denmark, all delivered in English.

Of course, we never forget you have a choice and therefore we still offer our full range of courses in Danish also should you prefer this option.

About TACK

TACK has for more than 40 years offered courses, training and lectures on the Danish market. The company was created in England in 1948 by the brothers Tack, who had great success with their promotional staff training on their own ventilation plant.

Tacks philosophy which is that the people who are helping to create a company also simultaneously is the company's most important resource. We help people to personal success and prosperity, and thus ensures that both they and the company overall acheve the desired goals.
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